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Maven Mastering is a dedicated mixing and mastering studio built to the highest standards with state-of-the-art analog equipment and impeccable acoustics. With over 15 years of experience in mixing and mastering, we specialize in a wide range of music genres and deliver dynamic, warm, and powerful sounding mixes and masters to artists worldwide. Our attention to detail and drive for perfection sets us apart as the go-to spot for top-notch mixing and mastering services.

Our Mixing and Mastering Gear

  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Lynx AES 16e PCIe Interface
  • UAD and various other plug-ins

Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Burak Atas

Burak Atas, the owner of Maven Mastering, is a highly praised mastering engineer known for delivering top-quality results. He began his musical journey at the age of 9 by learning to play several instruments. After studying audio engineering in university, Burak started his career with handling audio production for local shows and bands. He then went on to work as an audio and lighting technician for Disney in the USA for 4 years, while also working as a freelance mixing and mastering engineer on various music projects.

With more than a decade of experience, Burak has been mixing and mastering records across a variety of genres, and holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Audio Engineering (UWL London College of Music). His combined experience as a musician and audio engineer gives him a unique understanding of the needs and preferences of producers and musicians, allowing him to effortlessly create the ideal sound that each client envisions.

What Our Clients Say

The master sounds phenomenal!

Paul LapinskiMulti-Platinum Awarded Producer, Mixer (Alicia Keys, Ludacris, Young Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd)

I’ve had a great experience with Maven. Burak is super professional, talented, and caring! He really listened to my music and even gave me feedback. Analog is the way to go. Maven Mastering cares about your music. Definitely recommend

Chelsea TakamiSinger / Songwriter

What a joy to work with Burak...
He works with passion and implication to make your music the Best... He is very attentive to your wishes, and always finds the solution to satisfy them... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for your music, and looking forward our next collaboration!!

Stéphane QuerrySongwriter / Musician - Jazzy Sky

Damn good job Burak! Seriously awesome job..

Malcolm SpringerDiamond-Awarded Producer, Mixer (Matchbox Twenty, Collective Soul, Fear Factory)

Burak Atas is extremely professional, courteous and knowledgable with his services. He is a pleasure to work with and does an excellent job!

Deejay JounceSongwriter - Producer

Great professionalism and solid results. Skilled in his ear and mastering technique. Recommended

Ten SodeindeProducer, NewRetroWave Founder and CEO

Very pleased with the professionalism, skill, and quality provided by the services at Maven Mastering. Burak was extremely helpful, on point, knowledgable, and delivered a very high quality mastered product for my album release. Thank you!

Torkom JiProducer, Musician

Burak is so easy to work with. Brilliant and speedy. His turn-around times are quick. He never makes a promise he can’t keep and makes sure deadlines are realistic. He also offers constructive criticism and strongly pushes the artist when he feels a track can be made better. I can’t recommend him enough. And not only that, the prices are beyond reasonable.

Charlee RemitzProducer, Singer / Songwriter

Burak went out of his way to help me, with not only mastering but advice for another track I was working on completely separate of the one he was working on for me. That kind of musical respect and willingness to help is something very rare. And his masters are amazing and made our song sound better then we could've ever imagined!Thank you so much from #teamuprize in Baltimore MD U.S.A

Damien ReignMusician

How we can help take your next music production to new heights

Mixing Services

At Maven Mastering, we specialize in bringing together all the components of your recorded work to create a final product that truly shines. We’re equipped with both the technical knowledge and creative skills to mix your tracks in a way that brings your unique vision to life. We pride ourselves on offering top-notch online music mixing services that are second to none. With our years of experience and attention to detail, we know what it takes to make your song sound like the pros.

Mastering Services

We’re proud to be known for our exceptional music mastering services. We use the latest equipment and techniques to deliver a full and dynamic sound that makes your music shine. We don’t compromise on dynamic range, even as we compete in today’s loudness war. Our glowing reviews from the artists and producers we’ve had the pleasure of working with speak to the quality of our mastering services. We’re confident that we can help you achieve the sound you’re looking for.

Stem Mastering

We also offer stem mastering services, which allows us to have greater control over the final sound of your mix. Stem mastering involves separating your mix into individual components or stem groups, such as drums, bass, guitars, keys, and vocals. By mastering each stem group separately, we can make targeted adjustments to specific elements. Depending on your project, stem mastering can potentially enhance the final sound to a greater extent than standard mastering.

Quality Over Quantity

6 reasons why you should choose Maven Mastering


Obsessed with Quality: The Maven Way

We're not just another music studio that claims to do it all. We specialize exclusively in mixing and mastering. This allows us to dedicate all our time and resources to perfecting the mixing and mastering process. We don't like to brag, but we're pretty good at what we do. So if you want your music to stand out from the crowd, give us a try and let our expertise speak for itself.

Don't Break the Bank

We're passionate about delivering top-notch mixing and mastering services at prices that won't break the bank. At Maven Mastering, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional value without ever cutting corners on the quality of our work. We're committed to helping you get the best possible sound for your music, no matter you are a signed artist, independent musician, or just starting out.

16+ Years of Sonic Wizardry

We're not new to this - we've been mixing and mastering music for a wide range of artists and genres for over 15 years. That's a lot of tracks and a lot of happy clients. But we don't rest on our laurels. We're constantly looking for new ways to improve our craft and take our clients' tracks to the next level.

Analog Bliss at Your Fingertips

We're kind of obsessed with analog equipment here at Maven Mastering, but we're not purists either. We believe in using the right tool for the job, whether that's analog, digital, or a combination of the two. That's why we've spent years perfecting our hybrid approach, combining the warmth and character of analog gear with the precision and flexibility of digital tools.

No Acoustic Foam in Sight

We've invested an immense amount of time and resources into perfecting our studio's design for the purpose of mixing and mastering. So, yes, it's not a small makeshift room space covered with acoustic foam. Our studio building was built from scratch with meticulous attention to detail, from the room dimensions to the acoustic treatments and electrical and grounding systems. We believe that every aspect of the environment plays a critical role in the final sound quality, and we've spared no effort to ensure that our clients receive exceptional results.

Swift Turnaround

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to music production. We've heard stories from our clients about big name studios with very long delivery times. Waiting weeks, or even months, for a finished product can be frustrating and costly. That's not the experience we want our clients to have. We're committed to delivering a high-quality product within a reasonable timeframe, so you can move forward with your music career without delay. You can rely on us to help you meet your deadlines and release your music as planned.

Listen to Our Mixing vs Mastering Samples

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Burak Atas – Mastering Engineer

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